Yellow Gangster

That title has nothing to do with this post. I took it from a random name generator. But I just read an article that said you should always have a super catchy title, and I’m guessing the lady who wrote that wouldn’t consider my quotes in Hebrew and rants about Karl Kraus and puns on ‘moral hazard’ gatecrashers. I’m trying to reform.

ImageDense or “Dense”?

A friend said recently my posts on this blog were “dense” and she didn’t always fully understand them. She didn’t mean of course they were stupid (if she did I choose not to hear it.) Rather she meant “compacted” perhaps in both substance and style.

It made me think.

It made me think so much that I put that “it made me think” paragraph break where I never would before. I’m a novelist, and essayist, both dense forms with words crammed so heavily onto a paper page it’s like a form of language constipation. But the Internet is a different medium and I forgot the most important rule of our constantly changing technoscape: the subject no longer dictates the form.

The form dictates the subject.

Internet readers like lots of white space and clean text and cool graphics. Who wants to read War and Peace on a fucking iPhone? I’m sure I can get my point across without drowning you in a constantly rising word count.

Why Subtitles?

Because they’re like little benches for people to sit down on and take a rest while they’re walking through my on-line intellectual park. Or so I’ve decided. I hunted around on-line and found a few blogs similar to my own — mostly on writing and evolution and science. Those I liked best, and had the most likes, all had subtitles. I could be a snob and say “I refuse to alter my style for the sake of popularity.”

But the truth is, I did it once before. The style of my second novel was entirely influenced by my on-line reading. Chapters a few sentences long. Rarely more than a few pages.







One colour plate in a printed book costs thousands of dollars extra to print. Publishers are very hesitant to use them, and explains why University textbooks costs hundreds per unit. I dislike blog posts with too many pictures, unless it’s a dedicated art or photography site. It breaks up the text too much and I always wonder what the writer is hiding. But one here and there is very becoming, like just the right amount of make-up or jewelry or perfume. Accent, but don’t saturate.

And finally?




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