Book Launch Photos

The book launch was a marvellous success. Wonderful readings by Alice Burdick and Alison Smith and terrific musical performance by Jim Henman. Some photos here. Missing Alison as she took most of these, so if anyone has one of her reading let me know and I’ll post it.


Me, and Mom and Dad. Thanks guys!


More Q&A.


Someone at the launch sent Jim a Facebook friend request. He’s looking for the culprit.


Alice Burdick reading her first poem


Q&A. Best question? My eight-year-old nephew Robbie: “Is the book about mindfulness?” Brilliant! And yes, in some ways, it is. All books are to some degree, Robbie.


Rocking it up with Jim Henman, co-founder of April Wine and Juno Hall of Fame Inductee


Caterer and book seller for the event. Also entrepreneur, fantastic actress and very old friend Susan Lane


Me and my 6-year-old niece Livy.

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