Ode to Bugs Bunny

I was joking with a friend that since no one knew who John Berryman was when I wrote a poem about him, I should just write one about Bugs Bunny. I was kidding, but this afternoon got bored and took a shot at it. It is really, really hard to write a poem about a cartoon character for some reason, and so this is not going to win any prizes. But maybe the subject matter is enough to entertain a bit. Audio version included. 🙂

Ode to Bugs Bunny

Smartest of the drawn ones
acerbic King of Animation
you grin and think your
way out of guns and dynamite
folded deep into a velvet suit
of grey and white, slim arial ears,
persistent feet and lover of carrots.
Once you dressed in drag and
an entire generation wondered;
you lean out of your dirt hole on
one elbow and with the other
hold the munch and say the comic
denouement, “What’s up doc?”
The man who gave you voice
dead for twenty years and
still you vivify the screen.
You are the invincible one;
what the creator wanted rabbits to be–
caustic, and occasionally mean
yet free from guns and snares
and always with the last word.
Celebrate! The original cartoon lagomorph.


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