The Missing Bertha

One of the last things I did when I was hypomanic was a short film about the hospital called The Missing Bertha. The reference is to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, when Jane discovers locked away in her lover Rochester’s attic his mad ex-wife Bertha. The reference only makes complete sense if you know the glimpse of the rubber mat on the floor near the end is the empty isolation room, indicating whatever made man or woman who was last there is now gone. The film is actually a bunch of little films put together. I laid the central clip, tilted 10 degrees to the right, over a collection of other clips. Those are mostly of my feet walking the corridors. The opening scene, of course is the hospital itself, and the music is Brahms Hungarian dance. I have to admit, I enjoy making these, and it may be one of those crafts that I carry out of hypomania and start doing when I’m sane for fun. I’ve got to learn to play more anyway.

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