Luminiere De Cagna (An alternative to Jian Ghomeshi)

Another repost. This was first posted two years ago shortly after the festival that housed the exhibit took place, and got, if I remember correctly, not one single response or comment. How something so breathtakingly beautiful can go unnoticed bothers me sometimes. In a world where a single murder, or CBC sex scandal, gets days and weeks and sometimes months of play, an astounding artistic achievement like the one below is ignored entirely. The reason why I post these artists and poets and artistic monuments is to snatch, even if just for a few minutes, the limelight away from the depressaria cholica nature of our species; to remember, as J.M. Coetzee observed, that the jaws that bite and tear and mangle are also the same that open wide and sing. I wish I’d been in Ghent Belgium to see this.

The Luminarie De Cagna or Cathedral of Light was an LED-light display during the 2012 Light Festival in Ghent Belgium. 

light-13 (1)

More than half-a-million people were drawn to the Luminaire De Cagna, which became the main attraction of a festival that included more than 30 other displays and exhibitions.


Luminaire De Cagna is an Italian family business that has created light displays since 1930. They started with oil and carbine lights, moved on to electric and, since 2006, have used LED-lights exclusively.


 Constructed of wood, covered with 55,000 LED lights and reaching 28 meters (92 ft.) into the sky above Belfortstraat, the Romanesque cathedral-like Luminaire De Cagna used only 20 kWh of energy.

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