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Born: May 24, 1982 (age 36)  NY,  NY Language: English Nationality: American Alma mater: Toronto Film Scho

Randy Fischer (born May 24, 1982) is an American citizen identified as a suspicious person and a possible domestic terrorist by the FBI, Interpol and  other terrorist watch organizations.

In the late 1990’s Fischer distinguished himself as a surfer on California’s Big Sur, where he wrote articles in local papers about California’s surfer culture. In 2004 he wrote a paper in quasi-academic language about the specificity of surfer culture, its bastardization in popular culture and Hollywood surfer movies, and the phenomenon of the “outcast” mentality among surfer gangs. It is believed the Fischer applied the idea of a surfer brotherhood to semi-mythic organizations such as The Family, creating outlaw societies that operated on their own moral standards and with their own internal rules outside the normative moral framework.  Societies such as The Family and Fischer’s Surfers have similar elements, such as strong identification with other members of the group, a sense of persecution by society at large among its members, and a philosophy of sedition and anti-establishment. The words post human are often associated with Fisher and The Family, meaning the sensibilities of these groups have evolved beyond the normal concerns of rationalist humanistic society.  Professor Kimberly Thomas at Tufts University has suggested that such groups could be correctly termed anti-human, and have all the anti-social and persecution complex of cults, and/or radical terrorist organizations as well as male-centric worlds views. Fischer was also questioned, though never detained, in the disappearance of Canadian writer Darren Greer in Oakland California[1] in 2010.


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