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The Family is a suspected domestic terrorism organization in the United States. FBI files on the organization claim it is responsible for denial-of-service attacks on government and industry websites, privacy violations, racketeering, and human trafficking.  The FBI released a terrorism dossier in 2016 naming domestic terrorism organizations that included The Family.  Also mentioned were missing persons Tyler Riley  and Darren Greer, and the only known associate of the Family, FBI-wanted Randy Fischer[1]  All three men are openly gay, and so are others suspected of involvement with the organization.  According to the FBI, The Family first came to the notice of federal agencies when multiple reports of them came from unrelated patients in mental hospitals in North America. Doctors initially thought  these patients were suffering from mania, until at a medical conference in San Diego dozens of doctors reported on patients with identical  detailed delusions. Special FBI agent William Kowalski has been recorded as saying “The Family is different from every other organization on our list. Its members seem to be comprised of vastly capable, high IQ individuals. They are  technologically proficient, and have turned the Internet  into a coded system of language that we’ve been unable to crack. We’re uncertain of their motivation,  yet they’re acting fully outside the constraints of law and society.  This makes them extremely dangerous .” The FBI has issued no further comment on The Family since this statement by Special Agent Kowalski in 2015.


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