9781770864719 (2)-page-001A man returns to his hometown of Advocate, Nova Scotia, at the wishes of his dying estranged grandmother, and relives the events of his childhood in the early 80s – a time when the tiny community, fuelled by the hysteria over a then-unknown virus, turned on one of its own, revealing both the evils brought on by fear and ignorance, and the strength and dignity of those who would endure.

“A deeply moving novel.” —The Globe and Mail

“A heartfelt, searing, and sad — and wholly captivating — portrait of one town’s fear, ignorance, and anger. A superbly-composed lament, Advocate rails against small-minded values and dares to ponder why we’re capable of so much and yet often wind up doing so little.” Toronto Star

“A juicy read, with so much more at stake than a typical family drama … Jacob’s voice and affect are strong and consistent. Greer patiently elaborates on guilt, regret, and the possibility of forgiveness. And at this, he is wholly successful.”  Quill and Quire, Starred review

“One fine novel from a Nova Scotia writer who just gets better, book by book.”—The Sun Times

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