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Alberti Code Primer

Alberti Code is an popular language exercise in  game theory and semiotics.  The game sprung up in North American and European cities in the late 1990’s. Initial clues are fastened to bulletin  boards in populated areas and respondents interpret the clue and communicate over the Internet with the poster in semiotics and associative language until the clue is solved. The game is named after Italian Leon Bassista Alberti, creator of the famous Alberti Cipher[1]. It is unknown who originated the game, though primer messages are easily distinguished by a lower case “a” in the upper-right hand corner of the original document. The game has also been associated by the FBI with missing person cases Tyler Riley and Darren Greer

The Pioneer Plaque

A common primer for the game in the form of the plaque designed for the spacecraft Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11. The plaque has been found as an initial Alberti Code message all over the globe though has yet to be solved. Other associations for the game have been found for the Berlin Clock and Jim Sanborn’s sculpture at the CIA in Langley Virginia as Kryptos.


[1] Leon Bassista Alberti 

[2] About Outcast

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