“Advocate is a juicy read, with so much more at stake than a typical family drama. Greer patiently elaborates on guilt, regret, and the possibility of forgiveness. And at this, he is wholly successful.” –Quill and Quire, starred review

“A heartfelt, searing, and sad — and wholly captivating — portrait of one town’s fear, ignorance, and anger.”                                           –The Toronto Star

“A deeply moving novel”                                        –The Globe and Mail


562323_10153361226565788_2008561752_n[Just Beneath My Skin] acutely captures small town inertia, and desperation. The novel’s intimacy, honesty and humanity make it impossible to resist.  Greer creates character-     ––Quill and Quire, starred review

“A spare, gut-wrenching portrait of the black hole of backwoods life. Greer’s tight plotting makes the story a suspenseful, fast-paced read. At the same time, his spare, poetic prose makes this lean novel deeply affecting.” –Carol Bruneau, The Chronicle Herald

9781897151518  “A writer of extraordinary sensitivity. Greer makes June so much more than merely a character who suffers from Down’s Syndrome – a real achievement. ”                                                           –Quill and Quire

“As much fun as it is harrowing and poignant. Greer’s observations are indeed sharp, his narrative voice infectious. [He} is adept at making the painful truths of life funny. This isn’t a story you’ve ever read before.”                                                                –The Globe and Mail

9781896951454                                                                             “Greer’s willingness to create a ghastly and credible Mom from hell, with no punches pulled, is the best thing about this book. Closely following that is his balancing, redeeming portrait of the love that three brothers give each other in the face of daunting odds.”                                                            — Toronto Xtra Magazine                                                                                                                         “Every once in a while a great book comes along and it is absolutely my pleasure to stay up all night reading for an interview the next day. . . [Tyler’s Cape] is fantastic.                                                      — Jennifer Rennick, Daytime Television

9781896951638[Greer is] one of the most joyously alive, vibrant young writers in the country. He positively exults in his craft. And craftiness. A compulsively readable and appealing mixture of memoir, travelogue, polemics, politics, and aesthetics.”                             –Terry Rigelhof, Books in Canada                                                                                                         “There is writing of considerable power in Strange Ghosts. Buoyed by an optimistic self-awareness and a wry humour, the collection never lags and frequently delights.                                                     –Quill and Quire


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