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The First and Last Chance Cafe is a waterfront saloon opened by John (Johnny) M. Heinold in 1883 on Jack London Square in Oakland, CaliforniaUnited States. The name “First and Last Chance” refers to the time in which for many sailors, the pub was the first and last chance to drink alcohol heavily before or after a long voyage.

Heinold’s First and Last Chance is also known as “Jack London’s Rendezvous“, as it was the inspiration for scenes from the Oakland writer’s novels Call of the Wild and The Sea Wolf.

2010 and 2014 Disappearances 

Before his disappearance in 2010 Canadian writer Darren Greer was last seen  at the saloon on the morning of May 8th. Two days later the owner the the cafe called Oakland police when they discovered the phrase Berlin Clock spray painted in red on the east side of the building. A smaller version of the graffiti, rendered in the same type and colour paint, was discovered on the east side of the nearby Jack London Cabin erected in Oakland in 1992 by the Jack London Historical Preservation Society as a replica of the writer’s Yukon cabin . Similar markings were found on the red brick of a tenement that American writer Tyler Riley lived in in Toronto when he was kidnapped in 2014.  The FBI released this information for the first time in 2015  in the Kowalski Report and drawing a connection between the two disappearances and the suspected domestic terrorist organization The Family.



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